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Picture this.

You’ve closed on your dream home, and now, the fun part begins – moving (eek!). Usually, our first priority is to get “settled” but you can start making a house your home with a few easy life hacks. Thumbs up if you took advice from joy-sparking Marie Kondo and minimized before the move.

No matter what place you call home, you do not have to be wealthy or have a large house to create a space that constantly reminds you of your own deepest values and hopes, and inspires you to realize them.

From Mid-Century Mod to Industrial, Boho to Farmhouse, Scandanavian to Coastal, Contemporary to Georgian interior decor styles – we all have a sense of style that makes our home ours. Curating items that give your home your sense of creativity can take time. So, while you work on the long game, here are some easy ways to make your house a home in no time.

  • Warm up your house with a variety of lighting and rugs
  • Display memories you love and cherish (favorite books, artwork, your grandmother’s china)
  • Create a “calm corner” where you can enjoy a hobby or a little quiet time
  • Use indoor plants to connect your home with nature

The very word “home” strikes a chord inside each of us. Home means sanctuary, the place we can rest, relax, enjoy time with friends, learn, grow, and just be. Our homes say a lot about who we are and what we find to be important in life.